Wicked Richmond

Venture through the city’s colorful history of vice, intrigue and subterfuge with author Beth Brown as she traces the scandalous stories that pepper Richmond’s past. From colonial founding to the Prohibition era and beyond, Wicked Richmond presents a comprehensive look at the city’s murky history. 

Richmond Macabre

These fifteen tales of ghosts, vampires, zombies, and unnamable terrors dare you to peer into the shadows of the River City, but you must first be certain you are prepared to glimpse the horrors that lie within.


Emily and her best friend Sarah decide to investigate the mysterious appearance of a sinkhole in their neighborhood and the strange behavior of the city officials in charge of repairing it. When they find themselves in over their heads with the investigation–and trapped at the bottom of the pit–the girls learn that there is much more buried beneath the surface of their hometown than just its shadowy history.

Richmond Macabre 2

Eleven new and bizarre tales of Richmond’s hidden horrors! Contains stories by Charles Albert, David Alluisi, R.C. Allen, Jr., Michael Gray Baughan, Dale Brumfield, Meriah L. Crawford, Phil Ford, Julie Geen, Dean Knight, Rebecca Snow, Sarah Vogelsong, and an introduction by Beth Brown.

Haunted Plantations of Virginia

Highlights 20 historic homes and the author’s explorations of the ghostly encounters reported at each.  Find out why the tales of murder, suicide, hidden fortune, and heartbreak at these sites cause spirits to linger.

Haunted Battlefields: Virginia’s Civil War Ghosts

A literary journey to thirteen of Virginia’s most haunted Civil War sites in search of spectral residents. Visit Cold Harbor, Henry House Hill, Fredericksburg’s Sunken Road, and many more ghostly locations.