Espionage, Vice, and Murder in the River City

Home to many of the nation’s original founders and statesmen, Richmond, Virginia has a history that runs as deep as the United States itself. Yet within these depths lies something dark… Venture through the city’s colorful history of vice, intrigue and subterfuge with author Beth Brown as she traces the scandalous stories that pepper Richmond’s past.

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Wicked Richmond book cover history and scandals of Richmond Virginia by Beth Brown

Welcome to a place where history and mystery mingle.

Beth Brown’s body of work includes essays, scripts, short stories, and award-winning books. She often explores dark themes in her writing and enjoys making readers take a new and different look at unexplained or unsolved events. While her works range in genre from history and true crime to science fiction, they all share the excitement that comes with the exploration and discovery of the unknown.

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About the Author

Beth Brown

Beth Brown is an award-winning author, speaker, and media presenter based in Richmond, Virginia.

She began investigating the paranormal in 1989 when a mentor sent her to interview the owners of a 250-year old home overflowing with reports of unexplained activity. Photographs and audio recordings made that day ignited her curiosity about life after death and set the wheels in motion for more than two decades of research.

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Haunted Plantations of Virginia

The thorough research undertaken is evident throughout, and Beth recounts her own experiences as well as the legends and present day paranormal experiences of others. Photographs of days past and the present and descriptions of the sites enhance the reader’s experience of Virginia’s haunted history.

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