Writing Workshops

Branding for Writers

Learn the strategy behind shaping an effective brand and begin piecing together our own "brand stories". This lesson is ideal for writers of all levels who have work they plan to share, from beginning bloggers to authors who are re-branding or honing their brand identity for the first time. (1 hour)

Social Media Done Right

Take a comprehensive look at social media outlets that can help you build a platform of readers and true fans. Identify which outlets are the best fit for your lifestyle and brand, and then learn to create a social strategy that keeps people engaged and drives conversions and sales. (1 hour)

Write a Winning Proposal

Discover the key ingredients needed to successfully pitch your non-fiction book idea to an agent or publisher. Learn to identify your "tilt" and your unique selling position that sets your idea apart from the competition. (1 hour)

Art of the Interview

Build valuable relationships, learn new information, and conduct thorough research with the essential interview skills you'll gain in this workshop. Find out how to ask questions that establish trust and encourage subjects to open up and share. (1 hour)