Paranormal Presentations

Civil War Ghosts

Learn about battlefield haunts of the Southeast, including many lesser-known but intense paranormal hotspots. Find out how to investigate these locations safely and legally while capturing great results. (1 hour)


This lecture provides a comprehensive look back at the history and study of poltergeist activity. A special focus on the Enfield Poltergeist and the tragic case of Tina Resch offer attendees examples of ongoing scientific research of kinetic haunts. (1 hour)

Capturing & Analyzing EVP

Discover the methods used to elicit messages from the spirit world and how to capture those messages with various audio recording devices. Identify false positives, learn the varying classifications of electronic voice phenomena, and hear real examples of EVP from paranormal field investigations. The workshop demonstrates use of the software program Audacity and its value to the researcher in analyzing recorded audio data. (1 hour)

Introduction to ITC

Learn about Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and how this controversial method of spirit communication uses electronic devices to try and create a bridge between our world and others. (1 hour)

Ghost-Hunting for Beginners

Find out everything you need to know to conduct your first paranormal investigation. This workshop provides a step-by-step look at how to secure a site and obtain permission to investigate, which type of equipment provides more bang for your buck, where to properly set up that equipment for best results, and how to collect and analyze data. (90 minutes)

Dangers of Ghost-Hunting

Discover the common mistakes that paranormal enthusiasts make during investigations that can compromise your results while also jeopardizing your health and safety. (1 hour)

Rootwork In America

This lecture illustrates the history and practice of Hoodoo, a folk religion unique to the United States. Learn how Hoodoo differs from Voodoo and why the two are often confused. A spotlight on rootwork in pop culture offers attendees a glimpse of how this mysterious tradition has influenced and infiltrated American life. (45 minutes)