I'm Beth and I write things. Usually those things are about history, but sometimes they're about ghosts, gardening, technology, distant planets, or comic books. My work has been featured in print, film, and on television on Travel Channel, The Biography Channel, History, and the Emmy Award-winning program "Virginia Currents".

I suppose you're here to find out more about me and my work, right? Well, here's that awkward bit you've been waiting for where I talk about myself in the third person:

After an adventurous career in the automotive service industry, Beth Brown turned her focus toward writing when she learned that the history and legends she had been researching as a hobby were quickly slipping away with the previous generation.  Her non-fiction books became a mission to preserve the events of the past while making them fun and entertaining for modern readers. She made the transition to fiction in 2013 with Underground, an urban fantasy for middle-grade readers that carefully weaves true historical events with action and adventure.

Beth Brown lives in Richmond, Virginia. She is available to speak to groups about writing, publishing, and Virginia history. Please contact her via email to request a brochure of workshop offerings or to schedule an appearance for your book club, class, library, museum, or special event.

Latest Works

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League of Space Pirates: Precognitive Universe of Emergent DesireComing January, 2018!

Starman Prophecy combines glam rock, Douglas Adams-style quirk, and an Indiana Jones-worthy adventure set on a far-future science fiction stage. When galactic super-celebrity Zondra Solaris is kidnapped by a group of monks from a fringe cult that worships David Bowie, she fights to separate fantasy from reality while trying to make her own ego shut up long enough to actually do something for the greater good.

League of Space Pirates: Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire

League of Space Pirates: Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire is a collection of short stories inspired by pulp novels of the early 1960s. The collection highlights the misadventures of a group of 25th Century pirates disguised as a rock band as they travel the galaxy to fight The Man and kick out the jams.

Underground by Beth Brown

Underground is a contemporary story of two teen girls determined to investigate a huge sinkhole that mysteriously appears in a traffic circle near their homes. The investigation leads them--quite by accident--to the bottom of the sinkhole and into a maze of tunnels below the city's streets. When the girls encounter a race of strange creatures who call the tunnels home, they find themselves at the center of a battle they never knew was being fought--one that they can resolve if they manage to escape the dark hidden passages beneath their peculiar town. Read more...

Richmond Macabre Volume II: More Nightmares resurrects the spirit of the first installment of Richmond Macabre by offering eleven new terrifying tales from Virginia authors. Beth Brown provides the introduction for this chilling anthology.

Richmond Macabre: Nightmares From the River City offers fifteen short stories of ghosts, vampires, zombies, and unnamable terrors that dare you to peer into the shadows of the River City, but you must first be certain you are prepared to glimpse the horrors that lie within...

Wicked Richmond exposes a closet full of historical skeletons in Virginia's capital city. Tales of murder, deception, and even of pirates tried and executed in the heart of downtown will lead readers on a journey into the evil side of the city's past.


WINNER - 2010 Library of Virginia People's Choice Award
Haunted Plantations of Virginia spotlights 20 historic homes and the author's explorations of the ghostly encounters reported at each.  Find out why the tales of murder, suicide, hidden fortune, and heartbreak at these sites cause spirits to linger.


Haunted Battlefields leads you on a literary journey to thirteen of Virginia's most haunted Civil War sites in search of spectral residents. Visit Cold Harbor, Henry House Hill, and the Bull Run Bridge at Manassas, Fredericksburg's Sunken Road, Grant's Headquarters at Appomattox Manor, and many more ghostly places!


Conducting a Paranormal Investigation - a Training Guide
Originally developed as a training manual for the Virginia Society of Paranormal Education and Research (VASPER), this guide is now available to all beginners and would-be ghost-hunters hoping to capture evidence of the supernatural for themselves.


From a Witch's Kitchen - Celebrating Seasonal Magic in Every Meal
This cook's reference balances the comforts of winter, the fresh tastes of spring, the revitalizing flavors of summer, and the abundant harvests of autumn in one spell-binding book. Brown has packed nearly 100 vegetarian recipes into this collection that showcase nature's bounties at their peak from three generations of kitchen witches.


Special Projects

Beth joined the talented team of pop and pulp culture aficionados at Geeks of Doom in April, 2013 as comic book reviewer "Doc Brown."  She remains at the forefront of dark, gritty, and experimental comic releases and offers her analysis of each for fellow readers and fans. Her latest articles and reviews can be found here.

Inspired by fellow Richmonder
Noah Scalin's "Skull a Day" project, Beth began a creative journey on January 1, 2011 that ended on December 31, 2011. The "Trinket a Day 365" adventure spotlights her jewelry-making skills and offers readers a look at her unique daily creations. Artists of all types are invited to participate in creative challenges, explore visual and written art prompts, and absorb a little motivation from Beth's blog posts about the processes involved in making art. The project and a bit of Beth's advice on setting goals for creativity can be found in the book Unstuck from Voyageur Press.




































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